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  • Rubber products for governmental and industrial use

    Supplied high quality rubber products to government, military, and industrial customers since 1921.

  • Industrial rubber hoses and fittings

    Provide complete industrial grade rubber hose and accessories production line.

  • Industrial rubber hoses and fittings

    Provide complete industrial grade rubber hose and accessories production line.

  • Hydraulic hoses and fittings

    Hydraulic hoses and adapters for a variety of applications.


The Potomac Rubber Company. We have been supplying high quality rubber products and products to government, military, and industrial customers since 1921. Yb Sports has a large local stock and helps with a wide range of products. Many items are made indoors, and some are made while you wait. Yb Sports experts are ready to assist you.

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Car Triangle belt COG-BELTS

Custom die cut washer

Industrial hose & 配件

Rubber sheet

Industrial pipe

Conveyor belt

Hydraulic hose & 配件

Yb Sports' product line includes:

V belt, gear belt and belt

Potomac River Rubber Co. LTD. Are you a distributor of V belts, poly v belts and tooth belts. All belts available alone or in mating groups. Yb Sports carries professional Vee belts, including metric, heavy and synchronous gear sync belts. Yb Sports is the distributor of CARLISLE, DAYCO, GOODYEAR and JASON. Many items can be shipped on the same day or directly from the factory.

  • Part A, B, C
  • Multi - Horsepower belt
  • Power wedge belt
  • Variable speed and timing belt

Industrial rubber hoses and fittings

Potomac Rubber Company offers a complete line of industrial grade hose for air compressors, chemical hoses, concrete pump hoses, fuel oil hoses and HD flush hoses. Yb Sports also carries air duct hoses, expansion joints, heat pump assemblies, Marine exhaust hoses and PVC pipes, nylon, and polyethylene.

  • Air and water
  • 燃油
  • Water absorption and drainage
  • Expansion joints
  • Steam - Rinse thoroughly
  • Heat pump - air duct

Rubber MATS, cushions and stair treads

Potomac Rubber offers heavy duty and fatigue resistant MATS rubber and vinyl for use as entrance MATS and runners. Yb Sports also supplies carpet MATS and carpets, sign MATS, foot comfort MATS, rubber stair treads and switchboard MATS.

  • Running on the floor
  • Entrance MATS
  • Stair tread

Custom washer and mechanical packing

The Potomac Rubber Industry gasket division supplies gasket materials and rubber sheets in bulk or according to customer specifications. Rubber strip has sponge or solid rubber two kinds. Custom gaskets and standard pipe flange gaskets can be die-cut. Braided stem packing and spiral wound boiler gaskets are also available. Yb Sports carries many elastomers in both commercial and Mill specification grades, whether solid rubber or sponge rubber. Rubber sheet, such as neoprene, nitrile rubber, EPDM rubber, silicone, EMI/RFI. Yb Sports can also offer custom molded products.

  • EMI/RFI is filled
  • Mil specification table
  • Silica gel, sponge & 固体
  • Braided packing
  • Pipe flange washer
  • Teflon tablets - Viton

Hydraulic hoses and fittings

Potomac Rubber's hydraulic hoses and adapters are suitable for a wide variety of applications, from simple pressure and return tubing, hoses for off-highway equipment, and pressure lines for elevators. Most can be made while waiting or as custom production runs. Yb Sports manufactures custom hose assemblies for rapid delivery to industrial, OEM, military and government applications. Need help or support? Please call or email the application experts at YB Sports for answers.

  • Wire braid
  • The adapter
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